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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

What is Production Management & Why Does My Event Need It?

Events with lower budgets who have partners willing to provide their basic AV needs for a free or reduced cost (DJs and Auctioneers with sound systems, etc.)

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your audiovisual team to fully understand the needs of your Event managers are rarely able to sit at a tech table and give cues or assist with getting microphones on speakers, or explaining the proper video and audio cues, while also ensuring the rest of the event is going smoothly. A production manager will work with your audiovisual team to go through the script and run of show before a run-through, run cues during a soundcheck and during the event, and ensure the event is flawlessly executed from a production standpoint. This role can be adjusted to fit your exact event needs but is often requested for non-profit events utilizing a venue’s in-house system with a venue technician that may not be as hands-on as you’ve come to expect with Seagram AV. This is also a great solution for corporate and association events with a large number of speakers throughout the event that all have different audiovisual needs or ever-changing presentations with video and audio cues.

When does it make sense to hire a production manager for your event? 

  • Events with lower budgets who have partners willing to provide their basic AV needs for reduced or no-cost (DJs and Auctioneers with sound systems, etc.)

  • When using a venue that provides all of the audiovisual inclusive of the space rental, but may not have a true production manager or dedicated AV tech

  • When your venue won't allow for outside vendors or appropriate setup time for an outside vendor, but you want the dedicated service you’ve come to expect with Seagram AV

  • When the full services of Seagram AV are unavailable due to previously-booked events, but either Megan or Ian is available individually to run the event, just not necessarily provide the full audiovisual equipment and labor needs.

Our production manager will:

  • Be on-site with your team and/or vendors for AV/production setup

  • Direct the sound and video teams during setup based on the event diagram

  • Complete sound check and run-of-show overview with tech teams

  • Mic up any speakers and presenters as needed

  • Go over the microphone basics with speakers who may be unfamiliar speaking in public

  • Cue the tech team for all audio and video cues throughout the program

  • Direct the tech team throughout event based on the clients’ needs and preferences

This offering will tie into both Seagram AV and Seagram Events, with our focus remaining on corporate, nonprofit and association events. We’ve worked with many nonprofit events where Ian is running the technical side of things, and I have jumped in to fill the role of production manager in many cases, and it’s one of my favorite things to do! I love the hustle and bustle of managing cues, making sure the music swells at the most emotional parts, getting the crowd hyped up during the auction with music, making sure the speakers know when to speak and where, and ensuring videos are playing at the right times. I’m so excited to add this package to our repertoire! Contact us today to discuss how we can partner to make your event a success in 2020!

♥, Megan

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