Review: The CEO Retreat with Racheal Cook MBA

The CEO Retreat is a quarterly strategic retreat working with women CEOs on strategically setting up their year for success, creating weekly action plans, and holding them accountable to focus on the $1000/hour CEO-level business tasks instead of spinning their wheels on $10/hour busywork.

In early December 2019, I attended The CEO Retreat hosted by Racheal Cook MBA, a business strategist for women CEOs. While this retreat has happened around the country in the past, this one was right here in Richmond, VA! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Racheal speak a handful of times in the past, usually through Rebelle-related events. She is Shannon Siriano (founder of Rebelle)’s business and strategy coach and dear friend and has made a big impact on the success of Rebelle and our Rebelle Community members!

On this Friday in December, a group of about 25 successful business owners gathered in a cozy meeting room at Quirk Hotel in the Arts District, getting instruction from Racheal, an overview of our new CEO Planners, then some one-on-one personalized instruction from both Racheal and Shannon, whom she'd recruited to fill in as an assistant for the day because Racheal has coached Shannon for years (women supporting women, it's truly the best)!

We wrote out our 12-month goals, then from those goals, we had to create very specific goals to focus on for the next 90 days. Then we went even deeper, with goals broken down by 30/60/90/120 days. Finally, we had to go through all of the first 13-weeks of the new year (Q1) and write three focuses for each week (yes, I was writing my top 3 focus points for dates over a month away, which was tough!!). Now, when I look at my week ahead, I know what my top three focus points are, and I don't hop around from one thing to another. It's so freeing to have those top items written out in advance so I have a roadmap of my time!

Now that it's mid-February and I'm about halfway through my first quarter using this planner and process, I've learned SO much. First, keeping track of what my daily tasks are actually "worth", has been a game-changer. Making sure I am focusing on $100 & $1000/hr tasks versus the $10/hour tasks that I used to spend the most time on has been so eye-opening. I've turned off my alerts and notifications on my laptop, so I'm no longer seeing emails pop up every couple of minutes, taking me off whatever task I was working on. I think this alone has saved me 10-hours of work a week. Having my "Top 3" already written out, knowing it was from my original goals and well thought out in advance, has given me a huge sense of freedom. There will always be days and weeks that just kind of get away from us for whatever reason. But I know that if ONLY my top 3 tasks get done, I'll still feel good about the week! Those are my business-growing priorities based on my full-year goals, and if I get those done, I'm still moving forward. I'm generally still able to be reactive on those days, but if I'm not being super pro-active, it's still going to be okay! I truly feel like I'm finally running my business, instead of my business running me!

Overall, taking this one-day course and using the CEO Planner has shaved about 15-20 hours off my work week. That sounds completely insane, but it's true! I'm focusing on what is most important, ignoring distractions and focusing on getting my tasks done, not just making busy work for myself just to feel "productive". It has been a huge shift in my business and life, and I can't recommend it enough to other business owners!!!

Realizing you NEED to attend something like this to get Fired Up and Focused about your business goals for the new year? Register for Racheal's next CEO Retreat by February 20th to get $300 off registration!

♥, Megan

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