Shop Talk: Day-Of Event Logistics Support

Do you wish your organization's event manager could be in two places at once on event day?

Do you have a staff event planner already in charge of facilitating your organization’s events? On event day, are they the person every member of your team runs to approximately 236 times to ask questions or get information or direct a vendor? Has this person mastered the science of cloning and can magically be in two places at once? No? Aw, shucks. :(

That’s where we come in. 

We know events. We understand how events generally flow and which vendors do what. What it may take your team several meetings to understand about the process, we can generally pick up in one deep-dive event meeting with your planner. From there, we’ll be on-site for setup, the event, and teardown to do whatever is needed. Depending on your needs, we can be your hands and feet during setup, directing vendors and staff as needed so you can do whatever else you need to do, or we can just be a second point of contact while you’re also on the floor! During the event, we’ll make sure the run of show is being executed on time, work with your production team where applicable, and assist in managing your team. We can also help with silent auction, live auction, registration, attendee management, and anything else that needs to happen, while you focus on making sure your attendees and VIPs are happy and your program is going smoothly. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to take a five-minute break to step back and see the fruits of your labor come together flawlessly (or eat a meal!)!

Standard Event Logistics Support Package

(Customized to fit your event needs after our initial conversation)

Prior to Event:

  • Approximately two weeks prior to event: Client Event Manager or planning team to meet with Seagram Events to review BEOs, agenda, speakers, vendor lists, load-in schedule, etc.

  • Seagram Events to attend final team meeting (if applicable)

Day Of Event/During Setup (Customized based on individual event needs):

  • Ensure all signage is in place

  • Ensure event space matches BEOs and Diagrams

  • Ensure all vendors know where they’re supposed to be

  • Oversee an audiovisual test and/or run-through

  • Ensure registration and guest tables are prepared and/or decorated

  • Ensure all promotional items or gifts are on-site

  • Check-in with sponsors and vendors throughout the day

  • Have copies on-site of all important documents, phone numbers, information and seating charts for the event team (must be provided to Seagram Events 5 days prior to event)

  • Ensure the event is running to plan and manage any issues as they arise

  • Cue appropriate parties as needed to begin each portion of the program/event to stay on time

  • Be on-site to assist with anything the event manager needs

  • Oversee teardown of event

Interested in discussing how we can work together to alleviate some of the stress of running an event? Contact us today!

♥, Megan

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